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Olives Harvest Packages in Sicily

A Lifetime Experience. Harvest Olives in Italy.

????Join our fun and unforgettable Olives Harvest Packages in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy, Sicily. – cooking and eating local food, drinking wines, and soaking up the rural beauty of Sicily while staying in the beautiful  Nocellara farmhouse.

???? The Olive Harvest is a unique opportunity to participate in an autumnal ritual that is essential to Italy’s agrarian and culinary interests.  Olive oil harvest and production, as well as wine production, has been an important economic resource since Etruscan Times. The region of Sicily with its vicinity to the sea, makes the olive trees that grow in this area of a special flavor, like you never tasted before. Joining our Olives Harvest Packages will be an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

???? Taking part in this holiday package you will experience the olive harvest and the transformation of olive into extra virgin olive oil In the farm will know the different kind of olive tree that are specific to the microclimate; you’ ll take part in the olive harvest that is still carried out by hand and visit traditional mills where you’ll see the transformation of the olive in oil. Most important thing you will taste our new oil and spend an unforgettable time!


✔︎  In the morning with a small basket you can take part in the harvesting of the olives 

✔︎  In the afternoon,we visit the near by oilive oil mill and we watch how the olives get transformed into olive oil

✔︎  Upon request, you can also take part in our cookery classes which of course have the olive oil as main ingredient

✔︎ You can sleep at our farmhouse and packages start from Euro 150 per person for the whole week end

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Join our fun and unforgettable Olives Harvest Packages in one of the most beautiful ...