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Traveling to southern Italy will definitely leave you a long-lasting memory.

Sicily is the biggest island in the Mediterranean. Agrigento, among the districts of Sicily, has one of the most beautiful coastline. The city was born by Greek homesteaders around 582. This area is globe renowned for its supposed “Valley of the Temples”.

But sadly, southern Italy makes up several of the areas where the mass of Italians that moved to The U.S.A. originated from. Southern Italy for them stands for the actual Italy that includes the areas of Campania, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria, and also Sicily.

Apulia the southeastern Region of the Italian peninsula has a long coast that goes from the Adriatic as well as Ionian seas. Bari, among the cities of Puglia, includes the 19th century old town. The old city has some fascinating locations to see like the Piazza Mercantile, Via Venezia, Baroque S. Teresa dei Maschi, the tiny Oriental church of S. Gregorio, as well as the middle ages churches of S. Maria del Buon Consiglio.

Another fine area to begin your trip to South Italy is the quite unknown Cilento and Maratea. Nearly a hundred kilometres southern of Naples, Cilento shows an entire range of incredible sightseeings as one of the top destination in Europe. The area likewise offers tasty local food, remarkable scenic sights, the sea, sandy coastlines, as well as many opportunities of trekking.

Cilento lies in the district of Salerno in Campania Southern Italy. The shore of this area has to do with a hundred kilometres long of rather rough bays as well as sandy coastlines. Hills of 2 thousand meter elevations surround the area as well as finish the picture with evergreen olive trees and cobalt blue sea. The trip is definitely worth a place in the bucket list.

Check our website to book the best hotels in Italy, particularly in Naples or hotels in Italy in general

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