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getting married in italy, best hotels in italy,

What kind of bride are you? Whatever your preferences, Italy has got it all. Below a concise guide of the places that suit every and each dream.

Tuscany is the Region you want to choose if you love  hillsides, old walled cities, leaning towers, wineries and rustic farmhouses.
Umbria is for a more private wedding. Close to Tuscany, this Region has an attractive countryside however with less visitors. Therefore it’s excellent if you would certainly such as a silently enchanting event.
The Northern Italy if you love lakes.Waterside grand residences, grandiose castles, as well as private inlets make spectacular wedding celebration locations, whichever you select.
Capri if you feel like a movie star: this island is known for its holidaying film celebrities, as well as with its peaceful bays, brilliantly coloured homes, lemon groves and also blue-green seas
Sicily for a timeless wedding: much less popular as a wedding celebration area, this island is full of art, mythology, olive trees, wineries and breathtaking backdrops
Venice for the extra romantics: yes Venice is the city of love and if you want to be serenaded on a gondola while drifting down the canals to your wedding celebration venue
Piedmont: that’s for the wine lovers. Plenty of wineries have undergone significant refurbishment to host wedding either in the actual vineyards and in the canteens where the barrels are kept. Food of course will be completely paired to a series of different wines.

Italy is easy to reach. Main airports are both in the north, in the centre and south. Once landed you can easily reach minor cities/town by train. The railway is fully functioning and very cheap.
Barns, castles, villas, boutique hotels, wineries, old monasteries. You name it and you will find it. Italy has everything and you can actually have the wedding of your dream.
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