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Planning a Long Week End Away? Choose Calabria

You want to plan ahead your holidays so better to start looking into your flights for Italy. September is approaching fast and in Diamante (literally means ‘ Diamond) during the second week of month you definitely want to attend the ‘Annual Peperoncino Festival” (the Annual Chili Peppers Festival)

(…)From the countless different varieties of peperoncini to wonderful traditional hot cuisine, from theater and satire to cinema and literature, medicine and folklore… not only will you find over 500 different types of chili pepper on display, discover who wins the chili pepper eating contest and see a collection of ‘live statues’, you will also be able to take part in gastronomic workshops, catch some films and perhaps even be a winner in the ‘lotteria del peperoncino’.

A team will also attempt to break the world record for the longest ever peperoncino garland, the record for which is presently held by a team in Pisa whose garland measured in at an incredible 200 meters. The festival will also be attended by many chili pepper experts, including David DeWitt from New Mexico, widely held to be the world’s greatest authority on peperoncini. And all of this is held in the open air, in the town’s historic center and along Diamante’s panoramic sea front.(….- extract from

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