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REGGIO CALABRIA – The City of the Bronze Warriors

They are larger than life-size; they are sculptures of heroic warriors. Although their story and origin is unclear, it is without a doubt that these unusual and beautiful statues are a testimony of a glorious past found in the sea 50 miles away close to a village after which they are named.he Riace Bronzes, the Bronzi di Riace.

Reggio Calabria was at the beginning an Ancient Greek town which was an important part of Magna Graecia, the Greek colonisation of Italy.

The National Museum in Reggio (Museo Nazionale di Reggio Calabria) is arguably the region’s most important tourist destination, and many travellers visit Reggio purely to see the museum. As well as the Riace Bronzes, the museum holds a superb collection of exhibits from Rhegion and other Greek sites in Calabria,

Reggio Calabria has also an amazing seafront.. The long wide sea walk is a pleasant place to stroll while looking over to Sicily.

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