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Herbs Museum Naples Italy

The Museum of the Herbs of Teggiano, represents the reference point for students, farmers, artisans, housewives, researchers,  scholars and for those in general who love nature and the herbs’ secrets.

The Museum of the Herbs has been inaugurated in June 1999 and is situated in the old town center near Salerno, in the Campania Region. It develops in different sections:

Ethnobotany: the ancient medieval Spicery, the popular medicine, the herbs of domestic use, the plants and the woods of the handicraft, the magic herbs.
Natural medicaments, pharmaceutical preparations and herbal medicine.
Seed bank and ancient Germplasm (are living genetic resources such as seeds or tissues that are maintained for the purpose of animal and plant breeding) of the internal zones of the Province of Salerno.
Natural herbarium, classifications and floral maps.
Mycology: is the branch of biology concerned with the study of fungi, including their genetic and biochemical properties

Nicola di Novella, scientific chief of the Museum of the Herbs of Teggiano, describes it in this way: a place of experimentation, of confrontation, of debate and of scientific divulgation, for the future of medicine and to better understand the world of plants. Here the meaning of a Museum of the Herbs in a protected area like a national park and managed in the most orthodox deontology and of the most conscientious professionalism.

Teggiano (formerly called Diano) is a town close to Salerno, Italy. Among the historic centers of the Region, Teggiano is certainly one that has best preserved its ancient appearance of the fortress. The natural appearance of Roman Oppidum, was renewed in the Norman period and in the age of Frederick II of Hohenstaufen.

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