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TROPEA – The City of the Red Onions

It gets really hot during the summer around here; so first thing you want to do,  is to head over to the local gelateria for some gelato. Yes, you are seeing it right! They are selling red onion flavoured  ice cream. “Cipolla” does mean onion, and yes, that is indeed onion gelato. The local red onions are so popular that they’ve even made it into dessert.

So grab a cone and walk along the town and most and foremost along the coast. Like so many towns on the Amalfi Coast, Tropea has a gorgeous cliffside setting up to the famous Capo Vaticano. This village  is picturesque and romantic with winding streets and beautiful small rendevouz piazzas. Beneath those cliffs, you’ll find beautiful, sandy beaches. The centuries-old Santa Maria dell’Isola Church is on a rock overlooking the sea and still amazing its visitors for its stunning location.

Due to a number of wonders, the citizens of Tropea has proclaimed the Virgin Mary of Romania to the patron of village.

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