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VIBO VALENTIA – Where the Land Stretches

It can be compared to the Amalfi coast of the deep south. Vibo Valentia is the Calabrian spot where olive trees and orange and lemon grow all year round, making the coastline spectacularly beautiful

Proceeding along the coast, you come across some of the most unspoilt places of Italy, like ‘La Costa degli Dei ‘(The Gods Coast), a rugged coastline full of rocky inlets and sandy spots

The inland, on the other hand,  is dominated by the Serre Massif, and thick forests of conifers, beech woods, brooks, wide valleys and green plateaus.

Another attraction of Vibo Valentia is its ‘Castello Normanno Svevo” (The Norman Swabian Castle), now a museum that celebrates the glorious past of this amazing Region, once a strategic area of the Magna Grecia.

[picture source: Panoram Italia]

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